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Strengthening Social Connections

Strengthening Social Connections
  • Friday 5 May 2017
  • Jarablus - Aleppo Countryside

Strengthening Social Connections

Silk Road Organization is developing a new project in the city of Jarablus called "Strengthening Social Connections" to achieve several goals which are:

Enhancing social cohesion and striving to build human beings and help to develop their capacity and skills, and encourage them to be affective in society and strength the role of women on affective participation in making decision and leadership positions.

Project’s Activities:

- Conducting 4 training workshops for each two-day workshop to train women to develop leadership skills and practice their duties towards their communities.

- Conducting 24 activity sessions within the forum Sharekni for Hand work within six months, the duration of the session is four hours

- 3 workshops on community participation topics, each workshop for three days and each workshop targeting 20 women and a man from the local administration, activists and those coming to the region.

- Conduct educational activities on good community values targeting students and teachers in schools. The estimated number of targeted children in the campaign will be 500 children in each campaign. Thus, the total number of beneficiaries of the three campaigns will be 1500 students.

- Distributing pamphlets on parents, activists and children in schools and teachers and printing banners that promote good societal values and discard negative values.

Duration: 6 Months

Beneficiaries: 1,690 people

Location: Jarablus City