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The Future From Here

The Future From Here
  • Thursday 10 November 2016
  • Aleppo Eastern countryside: Menbaj, Serrin

The Future From Here

Silk Road Organization has added a new project to its many projects inside Syria called "The Future From Here" to support the educational process, the new project supports ten schools in the cities of Menbaj and Serrin in the countryside of Aleppo.

The Silk Road Organization has several activities in this project, as follows:

- Restoration and rehabilitation of the ten schools (7 Menbaj and 3 in Serrin) and support to raise the level of readiness of the tools and techniques necessary stationery, support cadres and capacity-building necessary trainings to upgrade their skills to work, especially how to deal with children affected during the war. SRO also supports schools with fuel to keep students warm during the winter. As children are most vulnerable to psychological stress and effects during war, SRO will carry out psychosocial and social support activities for students and integrate them through recreational activities supervised by specialized teachers.

- The total number of beneficiaries of the project is 7,495, of whom 105 are men and 130 are women, the rest are children ( 2884 male and 4376 female ), including many displaced children ( 214 male and 286 females )

- The Future From Here project, implemented by Silk Road Organization has already started from 10/11/2016 where it is supposed to end on 10/7/2017.